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Welcome to Pasarét Dental Tours,

the service provider to international patients of the „five-star clinic”, Pasarét Dental (PDC).

Why Pasarét Dental Tours (PDT)?

PDT not only connects you with a dental clinic, PDC of low cost and high quality, but it also helps you to combine it with a fabulous holiday in Hungary, the cost of which being covered by the savings you make with your choice of Pasarét Dental Clinic for your dental treatment.

Why Pasaret Dental Clinic (PDC)?

PDC is an internationally recognised quality institution following the UK standards for dental professionals With internationally renowned doctors, English and French speaking staff, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and many years of experience in treating English, French, German, Austrian, Italian and Russian patients, it has duly earned the title of ’five-star clinic’ named so by a regular patient. See Testimonials.

Why Hungary?

Hungary has been a tourist attraction for several decades. The words that come to mind are Paris of East-Central Europe, fantastic wines and cuisine, rock-jazz-classical music festivals, hotels of comfort or luxury, the city of wellness, thermal baths, beauty parlours of outstanding service, rich history and architecture. And now the buzzword is: a popular health care destination.

Who is who at Pasarét Dental Clinic?

Medical Staff

Dr. Csaba Székely

Dental specialist, Director of Clinic

Dr. Márta Gömöri
Dental specialist

Dr. László Zubek
Anaesthesiology specialist

Dr. Gábor Hermann
Orthodontist and orthodontics consultant

Réka Folly DMD

Ádám Lőrincz MA DMD
Specialist in general dentistry, oral surgeon


Mária Zeleznik
Clinical Dental Hygienist and
Qualified Dental Assistant

Zsuzsa Bigai
Dental Assistant


Mária Székely
Dental technician

Csaba Deák
Laboratory Manager

Márta Tóth -Bálint

Krisztina Sárkány

Ferenc Bikfalvi

Erzsébet Dénes

István Hitkó


Zsófia Tömöry
Office manager of
Pasarét Dental Clinic

Dr. Márta Szabados
Marketing director and
International Patient Coordinator of
Pasarét Dental Clinic

Judith Raveloson

Andrea Kovács Rozmán
Finance director of
Pasarét Dental Clinic

Vivien Kele

How to become our patient?

In 5 easy steps:

  • contact Pasarét Dental Tours and ask your questions
  • send us your panoramic X-ray photo with your requests
  • receive a treatment plan and a quote from us
  • make an appointment
  • make travel arrangements